Effects of cold

Exposing the body to low temperatures isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be potentially dangerous. A drop in body temperature of just 1-2 degrees Celsius can impair concentration, coordination and cause drowsiness – potentially lethal when in charge of a motor vehicle.

Prolonged exposure to cold conditions can also result in conditions like chilblains and in extreme cases hypothermia and frostbite, which can have extremely painful and damaging results.

Particular importance should be placed on keeping the hands and feet properly insulated.  They’re particularly susceptible to low temperatures, as they’re furthest from the body’s core – the body favours the vital organs during colder conditions, diverting blood flow away from the extremities – and have fewer muscles surrounding them to generate and retain heat.

People suffering from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, and other conditions that can hinder the body’s natural defences against low temperatures may be at greater risk from the effects of the cold and should take particular care during winter conditions.

All KEIS heated garments are designed to deliver constant, even and controllable heat, to keep the wearer warm and comfortable, whilst out and about in winter. Although designed for use on motorcycles and scooters – the long periods sat motionless and the increased exposure to wind-chill makes riders particularly susceptible to cold – KEIS garments are suitable for many winter activities.

Our garments use the latest Micro Alloy Element Technology  providing beneficial Far Infra Red Radiation, they are lightweight, breathable and flexible for daylong comfort; can help regulate core temperature and keep the wearer comfortable and focused on the job in-hand.

[Note: No KEIS product is intended as a treatment for any of the above medical conditions, if you develop any symptoms of the aforementioned conditions, or experience a reaction to low temperatures, consult your doctor.]