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PLEASE NOTE: The Keis Apparel warehouse is closed from 10h00 Friday the 21st December until 09h00 the 2nd January. As such all orders placed after 10h00 Friday the 21st will only be dispatched during the first week of January 2019. We apologise for any potential inconvenience.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with family and friends!

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Designed around the extreme demands of winter outdoor activities, like motorcycling, riding, fishing, or Skiing. Keis have developed and refined Heated Clothing to satisfy the most discerning of users across a whole host of activities… What’s more many of our garments benefit from our Dual Power Technology which means you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Stay out longer – Stay warm – Stay Safe – Enjoy Life


What Is Dual Power Technology?

All Keis garments and accessories are based around 12v Technology. Invariably that’s what runs your bike, car or even your Horse Box! By delivering 12v from our range of Lithium Batteries and Chargers, Keis provide a seamless transition from vehicle to battery. That’s Dual Power.


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  • New Review


    Product: Heated jacket and inner gloves

    Date: 19th December 2018

    I absolutely adore wearing this jacket. Even on the coldest of days I can get on my bike and ride for at least a half day without feeling cold at all. Really toasty and stays for the duration. The envy of my mates.. they stick their hand on my lower back to warm their hands up. Treat yourself.. you know you want to.

  • Plenty of ‘hot’ power


    Product: Keis Premium Heated Vest V501

    Date: 8th April 2018

    The warmth comes through startlingly strong – I rarely need more than 'Low' setting.

  • This is a really versatile piece of kit


    Product: Keis Comfort Heated Vest V106

    Date: 21st March 2018

    The vest has done thousands of miles but I've also used it for everything from walking the dog to chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland. I've even worn it under scuba kit in cold waters. Every time I've been toasty warm and the envy of my friends.

  • The new premium jacket


    Product: Keis Premium Heated Jacket J501

    Date: 18th March 2018

    This winter (2017/18) I've been using a Keis premium heated jacket and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed – you can feel the warmth radiating from the jacket almost immediately.

  • Scootering with a Keis heated vest


    Product: Keis Premium Heated Vest V501

    Date: 5th March 2018

    This vest is the business as far as I'm concerned and got me through some cold miles, much happier and more comfortable than before. Highly recommended.

  • Winter 2016/17


    Product: Keis Comfort Heated Jacket J103

    Date: 10th March 2017

    Essential riding kit, and thoroughly recommended.

  • Ladies Bodywarmer


    Product: Keis Ladies Bodywarmer X30

    Date: 25th February 2017

    Tested at full power the battery gave an impressive run time of four hours and 17 minutes. Off the bike the battery is well worth having – I'm also using the vest for dog walks, horse riding and even mowing the lawn. Thoroughly recommended.

  • Jacket and glove combination


    Product: Keis Comfort Heated Jacket J103 and Motorcycle Armoured Gloves

    Date: 13th February 2017

    The jacket and gloves offer a warm, toasty, cuddly feeling on my 550-mile a week commute. It's pure luxury.

  • Saved our trip last winter


    Product: Keis Comfort Heated Vest V106

    Date: 5th February 2017

    This vest, with its own battery pack, saved the day.

  • Warming the fingers


    Product: Keis Inner Gloves G101

    Date: 5th February 2017

    They're really good … they provide an even spread of warmth all around my fingers.

  • Totally changed my winter riding


    Product: Keis Comfort Heated Vest V106

    Date: 24th January 2017

    The vest has made my winter commute on two wheels a lot more enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone riding in cold weather.

  • The Mrs loves the bodywarmer


    Product: Keis Ladies Bodywarmer X30

    Date: 7th December 2015

    Battery life is impressive and lasts between two and three hours. It's so well tailored that Sarah wears it under regular coats for winter walks.